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Why Trained Truck Drivers are Always Needed

Not so long ago, transportation was a lot more difficult than it is today.  Regardless of the hardships with terrain, people have always found a way to deliver goods and continue trade.  Nowadays, when you hear about transporting goods, the only profession that comes to mind is that of the TRUCK DRIVER.

A recent analysis by the American Trucking Association shows that approximately 10.5 billion tons of freight is transported by trucks ever year.  This number is mind blowing when you realize it actually means 287,671 tons every day.

There are approximately 3.5 million truck drivers in the U.S. right now.  These dedicated men and women make sure that goods are delivered on time.  This is the core of American enterprise.  Now just imagine what the scenario would be if all of the truck drivers just stop driving.  Here are some of the things that would happen:

Food Sources Would be Strictly Limited to Certain Areas

Without truck drivers, consumables would become severely limited.  Certain types of food items would become limited to specific areas. Only the people in the Midwest would have access to staple crops such as soybeans, wheat and corn.  Beef would become limited to areas near or surrounding Texas and California.  Fish, shrimp and seafood would only be available on coastal regions.  Tropical fruits such as papaya, mangoes and pineapple would just disappear from the entire continent.

Industrial Reach will be Limited

The same situation would apply to U.S. industry.  The automobile giants located in the central U.S. states such as Michigan, Illinois and Ohio would not be able to transport their inventories and deliver to the rest of the country.  What about fuel for your cars?  How would the gas stations refuel the tanks without their deliveries?  The same for the steel industry and the list goes on and on.  A total crippling effect, all generated by truck deliveries.

Appreciate Truck Drivers and their Hard Work

All of the scenarios mentioned above are about imagining a world without TRUCK DRIVERS.  We can all agree that it would be a nightmare for everyone.  Job markets and the personal lives of every individual would be adversely affected.

Realizing the importance of TRUCK DRIVERS makes us want to appreciate their contribution to society.  The dedication of the professional commercial driver benefits all of us and our entire nation.

How to have a Successful Career as a Truck Driver

Every little kid dreams of what they want to become when they grow up.  Some want to become pilots, some nurses, firefighters or even teachers.  Similarly, there are kids that dream of becoming TRUCK DRIVERS and drive on the highways and byways of the U.S.A. like kings of the road.

But, becoming a TRUCK DRIVER is not as simple as obtaining a valid license and knowing how to drive a truck.  Like every other profession in the world, becoming a TRUCK DRIVER requires training.  It requires skill, knowledge and determination to go the extra mile (no pun intended).  This career path has  benefits and sacrifices that you will have to make.

Enroll in a Reputable Driver Training School

There are many great schools all across the country providing excellent training programs.  Choose one that meets your requirements such as: location, class size, schedule, tuition, and check to make sure the school has a good reputation. Ask to see references and ask about job placement assistance.   You have to be at least 21 years of age to enroll.  

Find a Suitable Job

A recent survey by the American Trucking Association concluded there is a real shortage of TRUCK DRIVERS in the U.S.  This is probably good news for you as it means there are companies waiting to hire qualified and professionally trained drivers.  Look for the company that best suits your needs and begin your career.

After beginning your career as a driver, there are certain things you must keep in mind.  These will help you become better at your job.

Positive Attitude

Having a positive attitude at all times will help boost your career.  The life of a truck driver can be stressful.  Often times, trucks are loaded with equipment and truck drivers are loaded with a lot of responsibilities.  The driver is the face of a company often representing your organization and the goods you will be delivering.  To make driving more appealing, many companies are offering their drivers more home time.  Look at every new destination as an adventure, every stop a place to connect with the locals.

Adapt to the Lifestyle

A truck driver’s life is much different than sitting in an office and staring at a computer screen from 9 to 5.  Life on the road can be exciting; you get to meet new people every day and experience things and surroundings that a person sitting in an office never will.  Becoming a TRUCK DRIVER is a job of honor and service.  Some might say it is a similar career path to the military. You are serving other people’s needs at the sacrifice of your own.  Everyone looks forward to your arrival!